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Kodit.io team

About us

Our goal is to bring you the quickest and simplest possible way to sell your home. The provider of the Kodit.io service is Homerun Technologies. We use algorithms and automation to build and maintain a housing data platform and services designed to make the process of buying and selling property significantly easier.

our values

Trustworthiness and transparency

Taking ownership and responsibility

Growth and continuous development

Where we operate

We buy and sell apartments in these cities


  • Helsinki
  • Vantaa
  • Espoo
  • Kauniainen
  • Tampere
  • Turku


  • Tallinn

Our team

Martti Suomela

Head of Real Estate

martti@kodit.io +358 50 5210225

Nico Rotstein, PhD (AI, CS)


nico@kodit.io +358 40 6670705

Thandia Pomar Zurita


thandia@kodit.io +358 45 6057720

Evgenii "Eugene" Girshov

Chief Architect


Henri Rujala

Real Estate Data Trainee

henri@kodit.io +358 45 3513709

Taneli Vähäkangas

Senior Data Plumber


Larissa Leite

Machine Professor


Ville Mäki

Head of Product

ville@kodit.io +358 50 4629898

Binh Tran

Frontend Developer


Kristian Aalto

Finance Assistant


Toni Leskinen

Sales Director

toni@kodit.io +358 40 1285108

Katariina Suvisaari-Kallio

Sales Manager

katariina@kodit.io +358 40 5088463

Fabian Mårtenson

Head of Real Estate Development

fabian@kodit.io +358 40 0246767

Yasmin Forbes

Acquisition Director

yasmin@kodit.io +358 40 1285138

Jori Mykrä

Acquisition Specialist

jori@kodit.io +358 40 8412475

Michael "Mikki" Kaspi

Real Estate Specialist

mikki@kodit.io +358 40 0605307

Nea Neuvonen

Real Estate Specialist

nea@kodit.io +358 40 8228120

Hannamari Raivio

Real Estate Specialist

hannamari@kodit.io +358 40 0605706
Susanna Haapalainen

Susanna Haapalainen

Real Estate Specialist Trainee

susanna@kodit.io +358 40 5423809
Nina Ruohonen

Nina Ruohonen

Real Estate Specialist Trainee

nina@kodit.io +358 40 6277167

Open positions

We’re looking for great colleagues. Join the leading European instant home buyer.

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