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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kodit.io work?

Contact us to arrange a free inspection.

Our trained professionals will assess your home based on many different data points. The inspection takes about 20 minutes and our application will then generate a summary report and valuation of the price. You’ll be able to use this report whether you decide to sell to us or not.

Get our price valuation and offer.

Our artificial intelligence takes the information collected from the inspection and compares it with a huge amount of public and private data. It then generates a price valuation report that’s unique to your home. We’ll create our offer based on this estimate.

This offer will be valid for 48 hours.

If you like, we can extend the validity of our offer to eight weeks. If you end up not selling to us, we’ll charge 1% of the offer price as compensation. This gives you the extra time you need to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Accept the offer and agree on a timeline for closing and moving.

Once you’ve accepted the offer, let us know when you’d like to move out. We can even rent the apartment back to you for a fixed period. This way, you get to avoid any temporary housing arrangements.

What happens during a home inspection?

During the inspection, we’ll go through your home room by room and enter details about its condition and unique attributes into our app. We’ll also check the Housing association’s certificate and its financial statements, so that we can add important information regarding renovations and the housing association’s finances. Depending on the size of your home, the inspection will take around 20 minutes. Furnishings or other factors, such as tidiness, will not affect the estimate or final offer in any way.

What do we base your price valuation on?

Our artificial intelligence takes the information collected from the inspection and compares it with a huge amount of public and private data. The estimate is then generated based on this combination. Other factors that affect the price are: actual sales prices and sale times in the area, current supply and demand, available services and the future plans of the area, the condition of both the apartment and the housing association, the overall economic situation, etc.

How do I know I’ve gotten the right price for my home?

The right price for your home is always the highest price you can get for it at the particular time. When we calculate our offer, we look at real-time market information and analyse an extensive amount of data to give the best possible estimate. What’s more, we give you the opportunity to extend the validity of our offer so that you have time to shop around if you want to.

How long is your offer valid for?

We’ll give you our final offer for your home, which will be valid for 48 hours. You have two options to choose from: An instant sale, where you accept our offer and close in about two weeks; or A guaranteed sale, where we’ll give you eight weeks to try to get a better price yourself or through an agent. Our offer will be valid for the whole period, and you are free to sell to us at any time. If you end up deciding to sell your home elsewhere, we will charge a cancellation fee amounting to 1% of our offer (VAT inclusive).

I’ve accepted the offer. What happens next?

Once you’ve accepted the offer, we’ll give you two months to close and move out. Within those two months, the timing is completely flexible. If you’d like to avoid any temporary housing arrangements, you can also rent your apartment back from us for a short period of time. If there is already a valid lease on the home you are selling, it won’t block the transaction – it will simply be transferred to us.

What if my home is already listed with a real estate agent?

Not a problem! We work in close partnership with real estate agents. We even regularly buy properties from them ourselves.

What happens to the homes after they have been sold to you?

In most cases, we’ll repair or renovate your home so that it will be ready for the new owner to move in right away. Occasionally, however, there might be a delay; for example, if a major renovation is coming up, we’ll lease it until the project has been completed.

What kind of homes does Kodit.io buy?

We are currently operating in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Turku, Tampere and Tallinn with apartments valued under 500 000 €. Although we would like to provide offers for all apartments that we assess, there may be some rare cases where we are not able to do so.