Interested in a career as a real estate agent?

Get involved in reforming the real estate industry of the future.

Buying and selling a home are the biggest choices in life. Nevertheless, the majority of home exchange decisions are based on assumption or outdated information. At, we strongly believe that Real Estate Agents - and their clients - deserve better.

We combine the most advanced technology in the industry, the startup mentality, and the best experts in the industry, and together we form a pioneer in the real estate industry. Our goal is not only to reform the way homes are sold, but to tackle all the challenges of home exchanging. We are now looking for the best experts in the industry and the stars of the future, for whom producing an excellent customer experience is a matter of the heart.

This is how we take your sales to a whole new level

​​Grow with us

We are one of the fastest growing real estate startups in Europe. It is extremely important to us that the stars of the future of the real estate industry also have the opportunity to develop themselves into a more competent expert. So come grow with us!

Technology will be on your side

The most advanced tools in the industry will help you succeed in your work. With us, every broker gets the best possible result when he or she is able to genuinely focus on sales work and the realization of housing dreams.

Marketing & Real Estate

For us, the most important task of our marketing team is to act as a partner for real estate agents. The majority of the media budget is spent on sourcing leads digitally so our brokers can focus on managing hot leads. Our team will also help you when you need sales materials or an extra boost for your personal brand.

You’ll never walk alone

In addition to your own team, you get to work with top experts in the field - our renovation team, analysts and purchasing team constantly support your professional development.

A salary model that encourages top results

It is especially important for us to find the right salary model for you that encourages top results. We will never charge anything from the support of other teams, marketing efforts and table fees.