The analysis created in partnership with global online classifieds company Adevinta, and investors Speedinvest x and Point Nine assesses the way the Covid-19 crisis is changing customer behaviour and indicates sectors still ripe for marketplace disruption.

Housing is the biggest consumer expense globally (mortgage, rent, maintenance, energy). Marketplaces have real power and opportunity to address current issues in the sector, like apartment shortages, access to home ownership and sustainability. By unlocking supply, the next generation of marketplaces can play a role in solving some of societys most pressing challenges. People already look for properties online, but the rest of the market is ripe for innovation. Innovative models removing friction such as iBuying have quickly become a main category of real estate marketplaces.

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“If you look at it from a consumer point of view, a lot of people under distress will need to move, so there will be a lot of inventory that will come onto the market. (…) iBuyers like, which focus more on apartments and the more affordable end of the property market, will be best placed to benefit from this trend” comments Mathias Ockenfels, partner at Speedinvest, in an interview for Sifted.

Here, at, our mission has always been to bring a radical simplification in residential real estate market. Right from day one, our goal has been to provide our customers with freedom to move the moment they need and feel ready. It is inspiring to see our product fulfilling this mission now, more than ever before. In times of social distancing and isolation, we continue to provide an instant, hassle-free home selling and buying experience.

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