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  • A competent real estate agent will take care of everything
  • Multi-channel target marketing for your apartment
  • With the help of data, we ensure the right price for your apartment
  • Turnkey -service: we take care of everything for you
  • You only pay for the results
  • You will receive the first purchase offer for your apartment through us

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The most competent real estate agents

We truly believe in successful customer encounters. That’s why we’ve been looking for the best experts in the industry and the stars of the future, for whom delivering an excellent customer experience is a matter of the heart.

Taking care of everything

We take care of all the stages of sales for you: creating a listing, photography, marketing, open houses, bid negotiations and finally, sales arrangements. In addition to first-class service, we make sure that every one of our brokers knows the twists and turns of real estate law to avoid unwanted surprises.

Technology enables your success

With our cutting-edge technology, we ensure the best price for your apartment. In addition to accurate pricing, technology supports our real estate agents in their day-to-day work to spend time on the things that matter the most – our customers and making their housing dreams come true.

The most comprehensive visibility for your apartment

In addition to listing your apartment on housing portals such as Etuovi & Oikotie, we will take your apartment to the attention of a wider audience with targeted advertising. For each apartment, we consider to whom and in which area the apartment should be advertised. In addition to this, we utilize a comprehensive network of our customers looking for housing.

Sell your apartment in just a few days

By requesting an offer from us, you will receive an offer for our brokerage service, while also receiving a data-based instant purchase offer on your apartment. For both options, we will take care of all the arrangements for you. If your goal is to sell your apartment quickly, you will be able to sell your apartment in just a few days.

You only pay for results

You will only be charged if the apartment gets sold. If the apartment does not get sold, we won’t charge anything for the service. So try it risk-free by requesting a free offer on your apartment and our agent will be in touch with you soon.

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