Flexible rental for ever-changing needs

We offer you the comfort of a move-in ready home, along with the freedom to switch or buy the moment you are ready.

No deposit required

Keep the cash to furnish and decorate your new home. We won’t charge you any deposit.

Smooth path to ownership

Rent your dream home now and enjoy the freedom to buy it from us anytime you are ready.

Freedom to move

Move to another Kodit.io apartment whenever your needs change. No notice period required.

Comfort and quality

No need to worry about renovations and fixes. Enjoy comfort and reliable quality of our move-in ready homes. Newly renovated surfaces, finished with light Scandinavian tones, create a functional living space for you.

Extra benefits

We want to make sure that you get as smooth and stress-free home transition experience as possible. This is why, as a Kodit.io tenant, you get access to unique offers and benefits.

Be the first one to know!

We have newly renovated rental homes available every week. Only signed up users get to know about them right away - set up your preferences now!

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get a rental apartment?
It usually takes us no longer than 1 month to get back with our final decision. Waiting time may be shorter, depending on eg. ongoing apartment renovations or number of other potential tenants/buyers. All Kodit.io rental homes are renovated and available immediately, so you can move in to your new apartment right away.
Are Kodit.io homes available for a short-term rental?
Most of our apartments are rented for at least 1 year. However, our priority is to offer flexibility to our customers, so shorter rental may be always discussed and agreed individually.
Can I move to another Kodit.io home?
Yes. In case your needs change, eg. growing family or a new job in a different location, you can always move to another available Kodit.io home without worrying about the notice period. We will be flexible with the lease termination times when needed, and you will not have to pay double rent for that period.